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History & Mission

When we decided to enter the highly competitive web development market, we said to ourselves, "How do we begin telling people about what we do and who we are when the market is extremely competitive?" It is simple...our mission is to work along side our client to build a successful internet marketing presence, specifically the creation of professional and efficient websites, using highly-innovative web development and design methods. While the prior statement is exactly what we do, at least in technical terms - we do not believe this statement tells the whole story. Let us start from the beginning.

During our many years of working in the online marketing industry for other firms, specifically working with new media marketing concepts that utilize the internet as a major marketing tool, we realized that most websites did not reflect the ambitions and goals of their owners nor work to strategically impact the bottom line. More often than not, businesses, organizations, and entreprenuers would pay large amounts of money to developers who would quickly develop a website. While this venture provided the much needed web presence, it often lacked the overall strategic and tactical direction, personality, and goals of the business. Simply stated, the developed website supported and represented the business on the web, but it did not create business and foster a marketing-oriented initiative for the company. What is one without the other...right?

Enter Internet Imagineering! As a full-service internet marketing company, we want to imagine, develop and design for you with a purpose - a purpose defined by who you are and the goals you desire, no matter what journey you have chosen to travel. Whether you are looking for a web presence for a major sporting event, national conference or church production, a presence to market your newly-written best-selling book, or a professional business website with e-commerce functionality, we will develop an effective solution that portrays and reflects positively on who you are as a business and organization.

While working and communicating with you throughout the entire process, we will drive the development process by focusing on overall business goals, content, and functionality. As a best-selling author writes their next novel, they focus on the message and story line, not the colorful cover of the book. The same process is used during our web development and design process. We will work with you to develop the strategy, ensure the content and message is focused, then follow-up with the creative design and development process. Before long, you will have a fresh new web presence that will not only transform your company or organization into a successful online business, you will have a new face that will exude ingenuity, innovation, imagination, and success.

Since our existence, we always hear the question, "So, what is Internet Imagineering? Is imagineering even a real word"? To us, imagineering is a word that describes what we do for our clients - we "imagine" the world of endless possibilities as we work together to surpass your online goals.

As we invite you to learn more about Internet Imagineering and discover the many solutions that we offer, we look forward to working with you to develop an internet marketing solution that has lasting impressions.