internet imagineeringa unique approach

The Development Approach That Yields Success

One of the primary factors that differentiates us from other development and design companies is the "way we work with our clients". To us, clients are more than "clients" - they are partners that bring valuable information to the creative table. Organizational history as well as product and service knowledge is very important, and we always look forward to partners sharing their history, growth strategy, and goals for the future.

Once we have a true understanding of the task at hand, then we begin the process of translating your dreams into reality!

Our Pledge to You

As we work with our clients, we pledge the following:

  • Develop internet marketing strategies, specifically web development and design, with a purpose
  • We will be creative, innovative and intelligent in our thinking and development process.
  • We will derive a solution based on overall goals, content and messaging, then focus on design and presentation.
  • Listen to you, our partner, and understand your goals, desires and personality, then portray those in a fashion that is professional and appealing to the eye.
  • And finally, we pledge to support you as a client and help you succeed in whatever endeavor or journey you have chosen to endure.

Our Unique Development Process

  1. Listen to you, our partner in the development process, and understand your immediate and long-term goals. In turn, we will work with you to develop the goal and purpose of the website.

    The initial step is the consultation. We converse with you and your team to understand your business, organization, product or service. Also, we will dream big and brainstorm! We create a game plan outlining the steps and processes in order to guide us along the development path to a successful project. Once we completely understand the goals and task at hand, we head back to the studio and begin designing.

  2. Design with purpose and an ultimate goal in mind. Translate your goals and desires into a professional and functional website layout based on how to best present the content.

    At this stage of the process, we design and develop based on the goals and purposes stated in our initial consultation. We begin to create graphical elements for the web presence and start the process of translating ideas into tangible elements we can see. All design elements and templates are produced by graphic design professionals using the most up-to-date methodologies in online creative design and development.

  3. Implement the solution - the part where we see progress! We will take the dreams and turn them into reality as we see the website come to life.

    The part where we begin seeing tangible progress! After designing your new site, including all custom design elements and templates, we will take the imagery and build it into coded elements. These coded templates will be developed to maximize search engine optimization throughout the entire site. Also, each coded page will include a code base that is written with the goals of reducing page load time, ease of maintenance and growth within the site, and allowing for efficient navigation styles.

  4. Update and maintain the website in a timely manner. Whether you would like to handle the updates yourself or contract out with us to handle your maintenance needs, we will work with you to determine the best update practice for your new website.

    We like to think of websites as "living things". Meaning, the more we can give your clients and customers a reason to return to your site, the better overall results your web presence will produce. In print, any change or alteration to a marketing piece is costly - not only must you fix the error, you will spend additional resources for reprint costs. On the web, it is easier and less expensive to make updates - and we definitely encourage a consistent update plan to keep your web presence fresh and new.

    We will work with you in designing a maintenance plan to suit your needs. Whether you require daily updates or monthly updates, we will develop a maintenance contract specifically for your business or organization.

  5. Share in the excitement as you enjoy your new and successful web presence!

    As your new web presence is successful - we will share in the excitement with you. As we work together to develop a new resource for your business or organization, it gives us no greater satisfaction than to know that our combined efforts and teamwork produced a fine product...a product that not just meets your goals, but surpasses them!