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Since 2001 , Internet Imagineering, has been blessed to serve clients across all areas of the country – these include small-businesses, large financial and Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, higher-education research institutions, construction contractors, travel companies, legal firms, medical staffing agencies, physician/medical and dental practices, retail establishments, NCAA Div. I Athletic programs, national speakers, best-selling authors and entertainers, special event promoters, music labels, and numerous successful ministries. As we have successfully committed to our current and past clients, we pledge the following to you:

Our mission is simple yet meaningful – to create professional and efficient internet marketing solutions using highly-innovative web development and design methods. However, we feel it is more than that – it is web development and design with a purpose and maximizing our skills and experiences to being creative, innovative and intelligent throughout the entire design/development process. It is deriving a website based on content and messaging, then focusing on design and presentation. It is listening to our clients and understanding their goals, desires and personality, then portraying those in a fashion that is professional and appealing to the eye. And finally, it is supporting you as a client and helping you succeed in whatever endeavor or journey you have chosen to endure.

We look forward to working with you in creating an internet marketing solution that your organization or constituents can show great pride.

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