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In today’s competitive interactive marketing industry, an important question to answer is how beneficial is your relationship with your interactive marketing developer. We believe our clients are more than just clientele, they are partners – partners that drive us to do the best work we can possibly do. Simply stated, when you are successful, we are successful!

We look forward to a partnership where both parties bring ideas, expertise, and successful experiences to the table. We promise to bring the following…

Content Driven Development Approach

Internet Imagineering’s interactive marketing development approach is based on a content-driven philosophy. What does this mean? It means that your web site will be developed around the content and messaging you want the user to ultimately “hear” and “understand”. All aspects including layout, navigation, content presentation, design elements, and the overall web site presentation will be purposefully created to enhance the marketing efforts of the business or organization.

Experience In the Industry

Our team at Internet Imagineering has been in the web development industry since the 1990’s. In addition to the numerous educational degrees we hold in both the business and information technology fields, we have extensive experience in the business, education, research-based, and ministerial markets. While working with you to develop an online presence, we will use our skills and knowledge to help you succeed. Also, we take great pride in the continuous training that we pursue throughout the course of each year; this includes emerging technologies in the IT industry, advanced development and design methods, and business consulting and strategic marketing initiatives. As a client of Internet Imagineering, you can rest assure that you are getting a quality product from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Great Client Relationships

The greatest marketing tool Internet Imagineering has is our previous satisfied clients and current business relationships; simply stated, our partners are why we are successful! Since the beginning of 2008, we have increased our development and design revenue by over 800% – all without spending $1 on advertising. We are fortunate to make this claim and feel it is 100% due to the relationships we build and nurture coupled with the quality work we do on a daily basis.

Competitive Pricing

We offer professional, creative, and interactive web development and design at a competitive price. With customized development packages available exclusively to suit your company’s or organization’s specific needs, we can go the extra mile to offer you quality service and consultation at a superb value.

Experts in Online Marketing + Search Engine Optimization

One of our most frequently received questions relates to search engine optimization and how this impacts a web presence; this translates to how well web site content is found by search engines (ie. Google, Yahoo, etc). The highest levels of search engine optimization are reached through well-constructed content and messaging and the connection or relationship to other web sites. In other words, the more purposeful the content is on the site as well as the more external web sites that provide linkage to your web site, the higher search engine optimization rankings your web site will receive. In working with Internet Imagineering, we will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure we are maximizing your search engine optimization; also, we’ll do a little magic on our part and implement some of the “tricks of the trade” that can add an extra boost to your rankings.

Interactive Design Layouts Based On Navigational Needs

Before we begin any development or design work, we truly want to understand exactly what you or your business needs in terms of an online presence. Many times, internet developers will start with a manufactured design and then attempt to make a navigational style fit. Not only will you as a business not maximize your online marketing potential, you could be forced into a web site redesign soon after you completed your initial project – this process alone can be very costly.

At Internet Imagineering, we start by understanding what you do as an organization or business, then work to translate that purpose into a successful web site development project. In our consultation, we will work with you to establish a precise navigational scheme based on your overall content message. Then, proceed to design a layout that fits your individualized navigation. As we guide you through this process, you will feel comfortable and confident that your new online web presence will be successful, creative, and increase your overall marketing effectiveness.

Professional Design – Creative and Ingenious!

As part of the web site development and design process, we will have the opportunity to design graphical elements and layouts that represent you as a company. Rather this is creating an online image from scratch or incorporating new imagery such as refined branding marks, you can expect professional-looking design elements and imagery that will exude creativity and professionalism.

Customized Maintenance and Support Agreements Based On Your Needs

While the initial development project is important, it is actually the on-going maintenance and up-keep of the web site that ultimately decides the success of the web site – it is necessary and vital to the effectiveness of your web presence to consistently provide reasons for your audience to return to the web site. We understand that some people prefer to handle their own web site’s maintenance and updates – you or your staff have the experience and skills to make the necessary updates on an ongoing basis. We also realize that many folks are dependent on the developer to keep the site up to date. Whatever side of the spectrum you fall into, you can be confident that Internet Imagineering will work with you to create an overall development package that suits your needs.

Structured Navigation Style Based On Messaging, Content, and Goals

As you have continuously read, Internet Imagineering prides itself on its content and goal based development approach – this includes navigational style as well. As we consult with you to develop a successful content plan, we will ultimately develop a site map that is based on your specific areas or levels of content.

100% Custom Satisfaction…Guaranteed!

Internet Imagineering understands that developing an interactive marketing presence is a major investment; therefore, it is very important to us as a company to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We want to be assured that you, throughout the entire consultation and development cycle, are satisfied and pleased with every step of the project. If for any reason, you or your company goals and desires are inconsistent with the current development of the web site, we guarantee to make it right.

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