SEO Strategy + Social Media Engagement

To complement any existing online marketing experience, our purpose and goal is to engage an online and social audience with goal-oriented results. With a focus customized to the client and their specific targeted markets, opportunities exist to heavily engage the online audience through advanced SEO strategies and tactical social media engagement.

The following SEO improvement and engagement tactics are part of our normal SEO improvement strategy:

  • Installation of SEO Improvement Tool
    Robust keyword manager in your CMS that manages all keywords for the online experience.
  • Setup of Monitoring Tool
    Interactive enterprise-level SEO monitoring tool that captures all SEO analytics.  Statistics gathered are then analyzed and defined against competitors in the market.
  • On-going Analysis of SEO & Site Analytics
    Constant monitoring and updating to the overall content-rich environment.  This allows SEO strategies to continue to improve exponentially.
  • Setup + Management of Social Campaign(s)
    Management of social media campaigns for targeted audiences, including a customized social strategy that is engaging and defined.


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